Symverta is a lot of firsts. It is an x-ray digitizing platform that mensurates or measures spinal biomechanics. Although there are many products on the market, this algorithm (program) has artificial intelligence (AI) built in and learns from itself. The normal limits for connective tissue pathology are based on the evidence in the literature, which is constantly updated. This is a first. As a result, the system provides evidence-based pro-rata impairments. Again, a first.  The AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition was released in 2008. Although many courts allow the 5th Edition to be used, more daily are no longer accepting the 5th. Symverta gives you the choice of either the 5th or 6th Edition reporting.

More so than alteration of motion segment integrity (AOMSI) and impairing a patient is a biomechanical analysis. Symverta offers either regional or whole spine analysis, inclusive of sagittal balancing to help ascertain biomechanical homeostasis. Again, this is a first.

For a Doctor of Chiropractic, there are suggestive models for adjusting patients, and to help determine primary biomechanical lesions vs. considering treating compensatory regions. This tool also points to ongoing pathology and is the basis for long-term care to be considered, when clinically applicable. The algorithm allows you to choose between the spinous or vertebral body as the method of analysis.

Lastly, and least important is that you can do this yourself, bill this yourself, and keep the fees for yourself vs. outsourcing the service others to profit. A DC degree offers biomechanical training, and although it is strongly suggested to get credentialed in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering ( every Doctor of Chiropractic can perform and understand the results. Most carriers recognize a DC’s, while some prefer to have a credentialed MD render the formal results.

For Medical Doctors, this certifies your patient’s spinal biomechanical lesions. There are no “non-specific” back pain issues. They are all specific and this algorithm demonstratively shows where those pathological lesions are located and gives you a clear diagnosis to create a treatment plan. Unfortunately, physical therapy is neither trained nor equipped with the treatment expertise to resolve these issues as outlined extensively in the literature. To find the best credentialed Doctor of Chiropractic to collaborate with, CLICK HERE.

Financially, Symverta does not suggest or set fees for this service. However, after polling similar services in the industry, the average fee charged is $450 per region. What you bill, and how you code is based upon your clinical decision making and independent business decision.